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Configuring locale switching with Spring MVC 3

Spring MVC supports a built-in support of locales which allows: specifying where are stored messages specifying where to find and store current locale specifying the interceptor responsible to change the current locale based on the presence of a particular parameter … Continue reading

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Launching Easy Modelers project

The effort to make in order to develop GMF modeler is still important as emphasized in many blogs on Internet like the Markus Voelter’s one (see GMF appears to be a low-level tool and there is a need for … Continue reading

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Disabling cache in Spring MVC 3

Disabling cache on pages by the browser within a website is an important aspect since pages are reloaded from the server and their contents are always up to date. This is done using the three HTTP headers with the following … Continue reading

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Spring Batch in action went in MEAP

I’m pleased to announce that the book “Spring Batch in action” went in MEAP yesterday. You can reach it from the Manning’s web site at the following address: We will be pleased to read your comments from the author’s forum of … Continue reading

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