Spring Dynamic Modules in action is published

I’m pleased to announce that the book “Spring Dynamic Modules in action” is published today after some long months of work. Only the ebook version is available at this time. The book is currently being printed and will be available on September 4th. You can reach it from the Manning’s web site at the following address: http://www.manning.com/cogoluegnes/. We will be pleased to read your comments from the author’s forum of the book!
Here is the announce on the Manning website:

Spring Dynamic Modules in action on Manning website

You can also have access to the source code from the google code’s project:http://code.google.com/p/springdm-in-action/.

In this book, we describe in detail how to structure and implement real enterprise applications with Spring and within an OSGi environment. We emphasize how to use common tools and frameworks for Java enterprise applications within OSGi environment for data access and Web issues.

Description of this book

Spring Dynamic Modules is a flexible OSGi-based framework that makes component building a snap. With Spring DM, you can easily create highly modular applications and you can dynamically add, remove, and update your modules.

Spring Dynamic Modules in Action is a comprehensive tutorial that presents OSGi concepts and maps them to the familiar ideas of the Spring framework. In it, you’ll learn to effectively use Spring DM. You will master powerful techniques like embedding a Spring container inside an OSGi bundle, and see how Spring’s dependency injection compliments OSGi. Along the way, you’ll learn to handle data access and web-based components, and explore topics like unit testing and configuration in OSGi.

This book assumes a background in Spring but requires no prior exposure to OSGi or Spring Dynamic Modules.

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