About me

Thierry Templier

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What I have done

I’m a technology enthusiast that always looks for solutions to make applications better and their development and maintenance easier. I’m an expert to integrate technologies and make them work well together especially within the Web stack, from the Web UIs to the data stores. I’m specialized in the Java / Java EE platform but in the Web stack (HTML5, advanced JavaScript and CSS).

In this context, since 2005,I became interested in Spring framework and contributed the JCA module. I have a deep knowledge of this framework and have co-authored some books on the subject, like “Spring par la pratique”, the first French book about Spring in 2007. I’m also co-authored two other books for Manning about Spring modules (OSGi and batch), respectively “Spring Dynamic Modules in action” and “Spring Batch in action” from 2010 to 2011.

I’m not only a server-side architect but is a JavaScript and CSS addict for a very long time and has co-authored a French book on the subject in 2009, “JavaScript pour le Web2”. He has an in-depth knowledge of patterns, libraries and frameworks to build rich Internet applications (JQuery, Backbone, MVVM, Angular, CSS, Less) but also to implement JavaScript server-side applications with Node.

For three years, I work on REST and Web API context for the Restlet company. I have the opportunity to contribute to the “Restlet in action” book for Manning. I have also defined the architecture and is a core developer of APISpark, a platform to build and host Web APIs easily.

The technologies I’m interested in and I work with

Front end:

  • MVVM pattern and Angular
  • JavaScript build (Yeoman, Grunt, Bower)
  • Boostrap3
  • Data visualization (D3, C3)

Server side:

  • REST / Restlet
  • Spring, Spring Data
  • OSGi
  • Node and NPM


  • ElasticSearch
  • Cassandra

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