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[Summer of API] Wanting to know more about meteorites?

When browsing the proposed open datasets, we was interested in having a look at what NASA provides. Of course, there are a lot of things about space but we can also find out some data about earth itself, specially about … Continue reading

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[Summer of API] Apisparkifying Angular applications

For the Summer of API, Im implementing an Angular application (see my first post on the subject) to display open data on maps in a convenient way. I want to use all the classical tools provided by the community to … Continue reading

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[Summer of API] Let’s start to code

Last month, Restlet and API Evangelist launched a virtual hackaton: Summer of API. The latter is focused on implementing a Web API that aims to build an API project to expose an Open Data set. This lasts all summer so … Continue reading

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Permissions in RESTful services

RESTful services are independent from clients. That means that services can be consumed by different clients like applications, UIs, and so on. In the case of UIs, you need to take into account permissions in order to only provide the … Continue reading

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Checking your JavaScript code

Checking your JavaScript code Following code guidelines and best practices is an important aspect of project development. This allows to detect potential bugs and prevent from using bad practices. Another aspect is preventing from tricky merges if you work within … Continue reading

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Implementing bulk updates within RESTful services

In a first post, we describe how to design a Web API (i.e. RESTful service). It deals with foundations on the way to implement REST principles. You can have a look at this post at the URL The latter … Continue reading

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Implementing an OData service with Olingo

We saw in previous post that Olingo can be used as a client to access existing OData services. The tool also provides the ability to implement custom OData services with Java. We will focus in this post on the way … Continue reading

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What can OData bring to ElasticSearch?

The key concept is that such integration allows to implement an indirection level between the logical schema, defined with OData, and the physical one, defined within ElasticSearch. This allows to transparently apply processing strategies according to the mapping between these … Continue reading

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Handling OData queries with ElasticSearch

Olingo provides an Java implementation of OData for both client and server sides. Regarding the server side, it provides a frame to handle OData requests, specially the queries described with the OData within the query parameter $filter. We dont provide … Continue reading

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Handling multiple actions for a POST method

When we go a bit ahead from the CRUD scope of REST, we often need to support several actions for a same resource. This is typically handled by a method POST and we need to implement a processing to route … Continue reading

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