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Handling multiple actions for a POST method

When we go a bit ahead from the CRUD scope of REST, we often need to support several actions for a same resource. This is typically handled by a method POST and we need to implement a processing to route … Continue reading

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Getting started with RestEasy

RestEasy is the REST framework of JBoss. It can be reached from the address http://. This framework implements the JAX-RS specification and allow to implement RESTful services. The latters can be deployed within any JavaEE Web container, not only the … Continue reading

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Exception handling with Restlet

Restlet provides several approaches to handle exceptions on both client and server sides. You can choose to be close to the Restlet API itself or use a higher level approach based on custom exceptions and / or annotated exceptions On … Continue reading

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Optimizing Restlet server applications

There are several ways to optimize Restlet applications. We can leverage features of the HTTP protocol itself like caching or compression but also at the level of third-party tools like Restlet converters and template engines. This allows to have an … Continue reading

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Implementing a Spring custom namespace for Olingo

Spring is a lightweight container that implements dependency injection. It provides a convenient and extensible way to implement DSLs within its XML configuration to make easier configurations of particular issues. Olingo is a Java library that implements the Open Data … Continue reading

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Using batch requests when interacting with OData v4 services with Olingo

In previous posts, we described how to read data from OData v4 services with Olingo and how to update them. OData (and Olingo) provides a powerful feature to send several calls in a single one (batch requests). We will tackle … Continue reading

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Updating data links of OData v4 services with Olingo

In a previous post, we saw how to update data of OData v4 services with Olingo (see In the real world, data are linked together. Its also the case with OData entities. In the latter post, we dont cover … Continue reading

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