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Handling multiple actions for a POST method

When we go a bit ahead from the CRUD scope of REST, we often need to support several actions for a same resource. This is typically handled by a method POST and we need to implement a processing to route … Continue reading

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Exception handling with Restlet

Restlet provides several approaches to handle exceptions on both client and server sides. You can choose to be close to the Restlet API itself or use a higher level approach based on custom exceptions and / or annotated exceptions On … Continue reading

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Optimizing Restlet server applications

There are several ways to optimize Restlet applications. We can leverage features of the HTTP protocol itself like caching or compression but also at the level of third-party tools like Restlet converters and template engines. This allows to have an … Continue reading

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Understanding and using CORS

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allows to use Web applications within browsers when domains arent the same. For example, a site with domain wants to execute AJAX requests to a Web application with domain domain using HTTP. Understanding … Continue reading

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Using ElasticSearch with Restlet

Having used Lucene and Solr for many years, I have been really impressed by the power and the facility to implement and use ElasticSearch ( for both indexing and search in concurrent environments. ElasticSearch provides a REST interface to interact … Continue reading

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JavaScript edition of Restlet came in GitHub

Recently, Restlet moved from Tigris to GitHub. All content of the main distribution (i.e. the Java code source) was put in the restlet-framework-java. The work related to the JavaScript edition that was initially located in the org.restlet.js project of the … Continue reading

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First version of Restlet JS client for Node.js

Whereas the Restlet JS version for browser is written in JavaScript, it requires some adjustements to work in server-side JavaScript applications with Node.js. This is due to following: Node.js uses a module system that requires to explicitly import modules you … Continue reading

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First stones to the Restlet edition for JavaScript

I have started working on the port of Restlet to the JavaScript language. It was quite a challenge since Java and JavaScript languages own some different and specific mechanims. Of course, Restlet can be used within GWT and so executed … Continue reading

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Activating tracing mode in Restlet

In a previous post, I described how to programmatically use TcpMon as a proxy to see the HTTP trafic between a client and a server. Obviously this approach can be used to see which requests Restlet builds and sends and … Continue reading

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