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[Summer of API] Apisparkifying Angular applications

For the Summer of API, Im implementing an Angular application (see my first post on the subject) to display open data on maps in a convenient way. I want to use all the classical tools provided by the community to … Continue reading

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[Summer of API] Let’s start to code

Last month, Restlet and API Evangelist launched a virtual hackaton: Summer of API. The latter is focused on implementing a Web API that aims to build an API project to expose an Open Data set. This lasts all summer so … Continue reading

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Checking your JavaScript code

Checking your JavaScript code Following code guidelines and best practices is an important aspect of project development. This allows to detect potential bugs and prevent from using bad practices. Another aspect is preventing from tricky merges if you work within … Continue reading

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Installing tools to develop modern JavaScript and Angular applications

We are far from years where JavaScript was a language only to validate form fields within HTML pages. Modern JavaScript applications leverage advanced tools, frameworks and libraries to build them but also to package them. Before being able to use … Continue reading

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Using Ace editor into Angular applications

Ace is a powerful code editor for Web environments. It can be easily embedded within our HTML / JavaScript / CSS applications. Moreover the project Angular UI (link) provides an integration to use easily code editor within Angular applications. See … Continue reading

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Implement uploads with Angular

The project angular-file-upload (see provides a module for Angular that supports drag-n-drop upload, upload progress, validation filters and a file upload queue. It supports native HTML5 uploads, but also degrades to a legacy iframe upload method for older browsers. … Continue reading

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Handle downloads with Angular

In this tip, we will describe how to handle downloads with Angular with both a link and from AJAX calls. Trigger a download on a link This is the classical way to trigger a download. The user clicks on a … Continue reading

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Visualize ElasticSearch data with Angular and C3.js

C3 is a visualization library that makes it easy to generate D3-based charts by wrapping the code required to construct the entire chart. Its a perfect candidate to display data stored in ElasticSearch. In this post, we will describe how … Continue reading

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JavaScript edition of Restlet came in GitHub

Recently, Restlet moved from Tigris to GitHub. All content of the main distribution (i.e. the Java code source) was put in the restlet-framework-java. The work related to the JavaScript edition that was initially located in the org.restlet.js project of the … Continue reading

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Micro templates for JS – Specifications

Introduction When implementing client-side Javascript applications, we commonly have to dynamically create areas (panels, forms…) according to UI events. The naive approach might consist in building the corresponding content as string and adding it to the target element. With JQuery, … Continue reading

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