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[Summer of API] Apisparkifying Angular applications

For the Summer of API, Im implementing an Angular application (see my first post on the subject) to display open data on maps in a convenient way. I want to use all the classical tools provided by the community to … Continue reading

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Using Ace editor into Angular applications

Ace is a powerful code editor for Web environments. It can be easily embedded within our HTML / JavaScript / CSS applications. Moreover the project Angular UI (link) provides an integration to use easily code editor within Angular applications. See … Continue reading

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Implement uploads with Angular

The project angular-file-upload (see https://github.com/nervgh/angular-file-upload) provides a module for Angular that supports drag-n-drop upload, upload progress, validation filters and a file upload queue. It supports native HTML5 uploads, but also degrades to a legacy iframe upload method for older browsers. … Continue reading

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Handle downloads with Angular

In this tip, we will describe how to handle downloads with Angular with both a link and from AJAX calls. Trigger a download on a link This is the classical way to trigger a download. The user clicks on a … Continue reading

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Visualize ElasticSearch data with Angular and C3.js

C3 is a visualization library that makes it easy to generate D3-based charts by wrapping the code required to construct the entire chart. Its a perfect candidate to display data stored in ElasticSearch. In this post, we will describe how … Continue reading

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