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Implementing integration testing for ElasticSearch with Java

ElasticSearch is particularly convenient to implement integration tests for application components that are based on it. The ElasticSearch Java client provides all the necessary support to embed an ElasticSearch Node and use it to implement integration tests. Configuring ElasticSearch client … Continue reading

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Managing ElasticSearch metadata

ElasticSearch is a schema-less search engine. This means that we dont need to have a fixed structure during time. A document can be indexed once with a defined structure and later with a new property. Under the hood, ElastichSearch manages … Continue reading

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Interacting with Google Spreadsheet with Java

Google Spreadsheet is an online tool to create cell-based documents and is particularly relevant to implement quickly simple databases. Spreadsheets can be managed from difference devices: on the Web in a browser or from tablets and mobiles. The product offers … Continue reading

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Does your Java-based Web applications really support UTF8?

Whereas Java natively supports UTF8 (unicode), are you sure that this is the same for your Java-based Web applications? In fact, it’s not the case without doing nothing since the default encoding is latin1 (ISO 8859-1). Take the sample of … Continue reading

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