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Implementing bulk updates within RESTful services

In a first post, we describe how to design a Web API (i.e. RESTful service). It deals with foundations on the way to implement REST principles. You can have a look at this post at the URL https://templth.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/designing-a-web-api/. The latter … Continue reading

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Designing a Web API

A Web API corresponds to an application programming interface that can levarage the Web technologies to execute processing and manipulate data. Modern Web APIs follow the REST principles to be the easiest to use as possible and lightweight. Typically it … Continue reading

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Does your Java-based Web applications really support UTF8?

Whereas Java natively supports UTF8 (unicode), are you sure that this is the same for your Java-based Web applications? In fact, it’s not the case without doing nothing since the default encoding is latin1 (ISO 8859-1). Take the sample of … Continue reading

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